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 received from SATISFIED customers

Hi,   I wish to thank you for your great service and the marvelous hook which has given me
back the ability to do a hobby which has long been a favourite, but due to rheumatism, 
I haven't been able to do for over ten years.
My sister was the first to buy one, and she sent me a link to your site, I wasn't
impressed! It looked too bulky to be comfortable. When I visited her in Canberra and
saw her using it, I still wasn't sold on the idea. I didn't believe it would be
comfortable in my hand!
On returning to Sydney, I decided I so badly wanted to work on a project my sister
had been doing, that I got my crochet hooks out. Well, I crocheted two small motifs
of four rows of double crochet on the Sunday afternoon and my hands were totally out
of commission for five days.
By this time Lorraine had bought my mum one and she also was very enthusiastic about
it, so I bit the bullet and ordered myself one.
It arrived two weeks later and with more hooks than I had ordered. Lorraine
explained why, and I sincerely thank you for your generosity. In today's world
customer service like yours is rare!
I have now crocheted over two dozen of the motifs and apart from my normal rheumatic
knuckle aches. I have no added pain whatsoever even though I once crocheted for the
whole day!!! I have been amazed by this!! And joy of joys I can crochet again :)
Thank you for such a great product, service, and your kindness. I will be letting
all my friends know. We also travel in a motor home, and I promise you, I will be
showing it off all over the place.
I've babbled on enough. Thank you for a great product.
Be happy, stay safe, and I wish you all the best for the future.
Thank you,
Regards, Janet   Nov. 24/13


I have been a crocheter for many years.  Six years ago I was diagnosed with a spinal disease (Neurological Sarcoidosis) that caused severe nerve damage to my right hand.  Suddenly, I found all small motor movement ability gone, and with it, the ability to hold small objects such as ink pens, crochet needles, and smaller items.  I was devastated.  I tried learning how to quilt by machine, but that was not enough to satisfy my need in the same way as crocheting.  About two months ago, I happened to find a crochet needle with a rubber handle in the craft store. I figured I wasn't at a loss if it didn't work because I already didn't have the ability, so I paid the $7.00 and made the purchase.  How excited I was at the ability to crochet again, but my hand still could not hold the needle very effectively.  It took me almost 6 hours to crochet two rows of an afghan.  I thought, surely there has got to be an easier way for me to hold the hook!  I did a google search for crochet hooks for handicapped and found your website.  I was so excited I ordered the entire set!  The EGG is perfect for my clunky hand to hold.  Yesterday I crocheted three and a half rows in a very short time! All I can say is Thank You!  Words cannot express my gratitude to you knowing that surely, a handicapped loved one in your life led you to this most wonderful discovery, and of course, your willingness to market it to folks like me.  I will certainly pray for you and the special loved one that have been touched by God's grace!

Thank you again,   Rita Pence    Jan 22/13


Thank you so much. I ordered my first hook a few months ago and have been delighted with it. It arrived in less than 2 weeks and is extremely comfortable to use.  Unfortunately it was chewed by a dog and although it is still usable it is not quite the same as when new!  I love to crochet but have sometimes found that I get pain in my arm and shoulder and your hook has enabled me to crochet for hours with no problem.  I have been spreading the word to all my crochet loving friends in the UK.  Have you thought about advertising more widely in the UK or finding someone to stock your hooks?  I don't think there is anything else like it available and am sure they would be very popular.  I look forward very much to receiving new hooks!  Thank you and best wishes, Mrs. Davies   June 11/12


I just placed an order for more hooks and 10 O-rings.  By the way, I just love these hooks.  I suffer with arthritis and they have enabled me to crochet without the pain. What a great invention!  Regards, Barb Cockbain  Aug. 8/11


Thank you so much for such fast response and shipping! I purchased all the hooks possible and my wonderful husband has just cut a C, D, and E hook for me for doing socks. They work and fit perfectly. The shape is very comfortable to hold and making this change works instantly, no learning time at all. I can't wait to spend the rest of the day crocheting socks.  Thank so much,  Ann Kinney  June 3/11


Thank you!  I have become your Pacific NW Rep!  No kidding!  I woke up this morning and my hands are so swollen and I am in the middle of a Crochet Along.  The only hook I use and can use, is yours.  I barely have to grip, it takes care of my hands. I don't know how to explain it.  I can barely make a fist this morning and yet I can crochet with this hook as if I my hands were normal!  I tell everyone about this and tell them how wonderful it is!   Thank you!   Steven and Julie Linn Sims    May 10, 2011
I am addicted to the Eleggant hook since I used it for the first time.
Only I miss the 3.00mm and 2.5mm hooks but I bought them in the local yarn store and made them fit to my Eleggant system.  So I'm a really satisfied user!   Kind Regards, Rebecca Alders  November 22, 2010
This is the best kept secret.  I can crochet for hours and not be in pain.  Had I not been in a crochet chat site I would never have found this terrific item.
The egg fits comfortably in the hand and in fact I can crochet faster.  I just ordered another handle so I don't have to change hooks when I'm making items at the same time that need a different size hook.      I love my egg.      Barbara Williams    November 8, 2010
Your product is WONDERFUL!!!  It is a lifesaver for me. I love to crochet and as the arthritis in my hands gets worse, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to do.   Your hook is the answer.  Now, my hands don’t cramp and I don’t drop the hook.  Thank you so much. 
Sincerely,  Ronnie Stark  Dec. 9, 2008
 I just received my set, and I never want to be without them! I loved to knit socks, but arthritic hands didn't. I was delighted to be able to teach myself painless crochet with your hooks, and am recommending them to my sister and mother-in-law. As soon as I find out if they still crochet, I'll be back for more! The only confusion I had was converting hook sizes - some are letters and some numbers, and wasn't sure as a first time crocheter how to adapt sizes, but I am learning. I think you should contact Arthritis Today. They have had articles about the benefits of knitting and crocheting and which tools are easiest to use. I am sure they would benefit many others.  Thanks again, Barbara Brown
This is the MOST comfortable crochet hook I have ever used.  Thank you so much.  The handle I had used for mine was too large.  This one is perfect!  I have already fitted my favorite E hook to it.
Thank you so much!  This is a wonderful, wonderful product!  Heather
Received my set today. I switched from my regular hook to the egg hook and absolutely love it.
In fact, I am ordering more hooks and O rings now. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have had
carpal tunnel surgery. This Egg feels wonderful in my hand. Thank you and Best Stitches, Gammie Nov. 2/09
 I received a set from one of my swap partners from crochetville and I have to say that I love it...
To be honest I was afraid I would have to stop doing thread crochet due to hand fatigue and pain,
but now I can cut my steel hooks down and crochet  with thread comfortably for hours
instead of having to have to switch to a yarn project and a different hook to keep my hand from cramping.   Chrissy
I just wanted to say a few thing about my new best friend. I've only been crocheting for about 3 yrs now but technically about 6 months as to the pain it caused in my fingers from holding the hook, as you say "pencil gripping", so I would only work on my project a little at a time. It took me 3 yrs to finish an afghan for my son, that's how bad it was. So after finishing that project I started to do it a bit more, but just tolerated the pain as to I had a couple of strokes, and the motion of my hand helped my dexterity come back.  Anyway I just got my new "egg" and I have only been using it a bit, still getting used to the feel of it, but already I can tell it's a GOD send!!   Thanks so much Eleggant Hooks, you rock!!   --  Tonya W.   January 23/09
My mom is tickled PINK!  She's very much arthritic (knarled) and LOVES these!!  THX!
YAHOOOOOO! I just received my eggy hooks (its now what I affectionately call your marvelous hooks).  Thank You so much for inventing and marketing these terrific ergonomic hooks. It must be a lot of work getting your invention perfected and then the chore of marketing them for the world to buy.  I am grateful for all of your effort to make our lives easier.  Can't tell you what it means to be able to crochet without pain.  I'll spread the word to all I know.  I just ordered a set for my Mom.  Thanks again and know you will have great success!  Barb Douglas Jan 25, 2009
Just a short note to let you know my hooks arrived in the mail early this week.  This is the very best unit I have ever used.  Having suffered a severe head injury, my ability to balance a small hook, and to maintain tension were severely limited.  That was until your hook arrived.  I am planning to purchase another set, just in case something should happen to the one I have.  Thank you so much in behalf of those of us who have suffered disabilities.  Sincerely,  Kathleen   Oct. 31/09
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I have a neuropathy which makes it difficult to use my hands. Your hooks have allowed me to do thread crochet again. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful product. Sincerely, Matthew Walworth
Thank you so much for the beautiful hooks.  Never in my life has anyone given me such a nice gift.
What a blessing to have them, especially with the pronounced arthritis in my hands.  Crocheting is once again FUN!  God Bless You richly for your kindness.  Diana
When I imagined the perfect hook, I envisioned something shorter with a fat stubby handle that would fit in my palm.  I did an online search for "stubby crochet hook" and found your site.  I received my hook set on Monday and I am sooo glad.  It works exactly as I imagined and my hand no longer cramps up.  The interchangeable hooks are an added bonus to your very clever design.
C'est vraiment tres manifique!!!  Merci Beaucoup!  Sandi
Hi there! I've been working with your hook since I received it on the 3rd of this month and have finally got the hang of it! It's a bit of a challenge to change from that hard-learned (and used) pencil grip but I am returned to the joys of crochet minus the carpal twinge! Its been a wonderful experience to have the feeling of 're-learning' my craft with out all the painful mistakes of the first timer, learning exactly how to twine the wool, to maneuver the hook into the stitches. while keeping an even tension and my speed is even coming back to me!        I have been crocheting for nearly 6 years now, since I was 14 and many of my college girl friends, inspired by the gorgeous and kooky crafts that can be done by crochet (I'm determined to help it to the next it thing level!!) have asked me to teach them and now that I can work the hook, its been passed around and oooed and awed at!  2 of my friends are ready to order so they can learn with it rather than adapt later!  I'm a true convert to your wonderful warm eggsalent hook ;).       If it helps other crocheters re-find the joy of the craft, you can certainly post my comments!       Have a wonderful day,    Amy McDonald   November 6, 2008
Hi! I received my order yesterday and, my oh my, they are wonderful.  I carried the "egg" around most of the day, it feels so comfortable, just like it was made for 'my' hand. Thank You Again and now I am off to put 'my' egg to work. LOL .  Thanks, Bella. I've been so spoiled since I received me "egg" I won't use any other hook anymore. If you add additional hooks, please let me know. I truly can crochet for hours without any hand fatigue or problems with my arthritis. Feel free to use me as a reference. You really came up with something unique that is so superior to anything even remotely similar on the market. The way the wooden handles warms up in your hand is amazing. Your rapid response to orders is impressive.  Call me your #1 fan! Cathy

P.S I will tell anybody who will listen that your product is AWESOME and that they need to get themselves a set. Should have asked for some business cards if you have them, would be glad to hand them out to fellow crocheters.
I am so thankful for the Eleggant Hooks.  Without them I could not crochet.  Due to repetition work, I no longer work.  I had to undergo a very invasive operation.  The joint at the base of my thumb had to be removed. Ouch!  It was so deteriorated. So now I am a stay at home Mimi, grandkids call me.  I've always loved to crochet, but now I can't, until I found the Eleggant Hooks.  Love them. mensinger123
I just LOVE Eleggant Hooks!!!  Thank you ever so much for making our lives easier.  I love to thread crochet and have wanted to start a business making wedding garters.  I have hesitated doing so because of my hand cramping up after being at it for long lengths of time.  With Eleggant Hooks I can crochet pain free!  So take THAT arthritis and fibromyalgia!  My Eleggant Hook is a lifesaver.  I can never thank you enough.  And I look forward to seeing you in Cleveland in March!  I’m coming to buy extra hooks and o rings.  Come to think of it, my daughter was just diagnosed with arthritis in her hands, and I’m sure SHE’d love a set as well.  Hey!  It’s a great idea to put in her Easter basket this year!!!!
I simply cannot thank you enough!  Jane Pope, Crochetier Extraordinaire    January 26, 2011
Hi,  I just had to let you know how thrilled I am with my Eleggant Hooks.  I thought my crochet days were over and even when I ordered the Eleggant Hooks I had my doubts, but I have just had it for less than a day and I am so happy with the Eleggant Hooks.  What a wonderful creation and it does help the stitches go faster and my carpal tunnel has not bothered me once.  I will have to consider one for travel and one for home.  I just love the Eleggant Hooks and any person that has arthritis or carpal tunnel who likes to crochet should have one.  Now there is no need to suffer, it fits perfect in the hand and well it's just great.  I also wanted to comment on the fact that the shipping and the courtesy I have received was outstanding.  Thanks again.  I shall tell everyone about the Eleggant Hooks. Teresa    - eBay -zentella14512   Feb 18/11

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