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Why invest in an Eleggant Hooks ergonomic crochet kit?

Q.   How will it help me?

A.  It will simply allow you to crochet easier, faster, and longer.  Even if you are not experiencing any problems yet, the ergonomic shape of the handle can potentially head off many of the aches and pains suffered by experienced crocheters.  The shape of the handle lets the natural curve of your hand now do 90% of the work.  Let’s face it, most of our pain emanates from trying to grip a skinny stick between two fingers for hours on end.   This pain radiates from our fingers, through our hand and wrist, right up our arm, and all the way to our shoulders and neck.   This new ability to avoid that constant gripping is an absolute godsend that enables many of us to enjoy our favorite hobby again.

Q.  How do I hold it?

A. The handle is simply dropped into your palm and your fingers no longer need to grip anything.   Your fingers are now strictly for directional control.   Within a few minutes you will honestly hardly know you are holding it, and you will be happily working on your project for as long as you want.

Q.  I’m a “pencil gripper”, will I be able to use it?

A. Definitely, but you must be willing to make a small adjustment.  It is well worth the effort to amend the angle of your attack.  Doctors and physiotherapists agree that the pencil-holding position causes the most problems.  Pencil grippers also experience pain from holding the usual skinny stick between two fingers.  By slightly amending your working angle, and letting the natural curve of your hand do 90% of the work, you can virtually eliminate this pain.   At trade shows we have found that 75% of pencil grippers are very willing to change once they try our product for only a few minutes.   They quickly realize that the change is not that drastic, and the benefit is felt almost immediately.  

Q.  How does it feel?

A.  All clients love the warm feeling the “egg” has, once it is in their hand.   The wood seems to pick up our own body chemistry as it gains a lovely warmth that again makes our hand feel better and allows us to play longer.  The ease of holding the “egg” is immediately apparent and the absence of any pain is obvious.   The new feeling of easy control takes over and soon we are crocheting away without a second thought.

Q.  Who will it help?

A.  This kit will literally help every crocheter.  Even if you are young enough to not experience any pain yet, it can help ward off the early onset of painful conditions such as muscle tension and carpal tunnel syndrome.  We have had testimonials from people with gnarled arthritis, and even Parkinson’s Disease, saying they are absolutely thrilled to be able to crochet again.

Q.  Who can use it?

A.  Anyone with a reasonable sized hand can hold it and use it, even children.   Our 6 year-old granddaughter picked up the handle and was crocheting within minutes after some minor instruction on the basics.

Q.  Does it come with only one hook?

A.  No, our handle works like a multi-headed screwdriver and the initial kit comes with six hooks to allow you to do most projects from cotton to yarn to the new wire creations.

Q.  Are there additional hook sizes available?

A.  Yes, we have other sizes available on our website

Q.  I have a whole selection of cotton thread hooks and some are my favorites.  Can I use them?

A.  Yes, every steel cotton thread hook can be cut off just above the flat part and they will all fit in our handle!   So now your old favorites can again be your new favorites!

Q.  How about the larger aluminum yarn hooks, can they be made to fit as well?

A.  Unfortunately the mechanism on the handle can only open so far.    Larger mechanisms are too bulky and heavy and ruin the ergonomics of the handle.   We have gone to great pains to have a reasonable range of aluminum hooks up to size 6.5 mm (K) specifically manufactured to fit our mechanism.   This involves a smaller shaft and some special O-Rings to eliminate any snagging.   Again, we have the sizes available listed on our website

Q.  What payment forms do you accept?

A.  We accept secure, safe payment via Paypal which allows our clients to use a variety of payment options such as credit cards and eCheck.  This allows us to provide shipping within 24 hours as well.

Q.  Where will you ship?

A.  We will ship worldwide for the same flat rate shipping fee.  Avid crocheters have no nationality.

Q.  How long will it take for my kit to arrive?

A.  Most of our shipments arrive within a week, however the Customs departments of each individual country sometimes delay delivery.   We have, so far, not had any shipments take any longer than 3 weeks, and they have always reached their destinations.

Q.  I like to crochet while traveling, can I use this kit?

A.  This kit comes with convenient packaging and is small enough to easily fit in most purses or bags.  The hooks and the interchangeable handle are a shorter length so they are perfect for traveling.   We have encountered no problems bringing our kit on airplanes in our carry-on.

Q.  I want to try it but I’m unsure.  Can I send it back if it doesn’t work for me?

A.  We only want satisfied customers, so contact us to resolve any issues you may have by email at

If it still doesn’t feel right for you, let us know and ship it back within 30 days of receipt.   We will refund the purchase price.

Q.   What reaction have you had so far?

A.  The response has been absolutely incredible and we are so happy to help so many fellow crocheters.   We have many testimonials on our website and on eBay.   The greatest proof is in the incredible number of repeat buyers who are now buying them as gifts for friends and relatives.   That says it all!   
See Page 3 to view just some of the many heartwarming testimonials we have received.

Q.   My hooks or handle have come unglued.  What can I do?

A.  Unfortunately glue seems to have a shelf life, especially if it has been exposed to extremes of temperature.  The solution is simple.  
For hooks, just put a tiny drop of good glue like Weldbond, Gorilla Glue, or even Crazy Glue in the hole, re-insert the shaft, and let it sit for 24 hours.   
For the handles where the mechanism has come loose, just put one good drop of reliable glue like Weldbond or Gorilla Glue one one side of the hole.  Re-insert the mechanism and let it sit for 24 hours.  Be sure not to turn it or spread it or over-glue it, and it will be good as new.

Q.  What about Duty or Customs charges?

A.  Magique Enterprises, of course, has no control over different countries' rules and regulations, therefore we cannot be responsible for any of your country's taxes and duties.  Until 2013 we have not herd of this being an issue anywhere, but suddenly England is charging Customs Duty.


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